Windows 10 essential PC shortcuts.

Believe it or not, the most useful one is by simply “Right Clicking” on the Windows Logo or “Start” button which will show a comprehensive list of useful shortcuts – Read On For More…

Just the basics

* Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C

* Cut a selected item: Ctrl+X

* Paste a selected item: Ctrl+V

* Undo an action: Ctrl+Z

* Redo that thing I just undid: Ctrl+Y

* Select everything: Ctrl+A

* Print: Ctrl+P

* Switch between running apps: Alt+Tab

Using the Windows Logo Keyboard Shortcuts

winlogo +D – Clear screen and go to desktop

winlogo +I – Goes directly to PC Settings

winlogo +Q – Quickview List

winlogo +E – Windows Explorer

winlogo +R – Run Command

winlogo +A – Action Center

winlogo +S – Search or start Cortana

winlogo +G – Open Game Bar

winlogo +H – Share a Screenshot

winlogo +K –Device Connect Options

winlogo +L –Lock Screen

winlogo +”Enter Key” Narrator on & Off

winlogo +X – Popup Menu

winlogo +C – Cortana

winlogo +M – Minimize to Desktop

winlogo – by itself brings up menu

winlogo +P – Projector Options

winlogo +T –Taskbar focus and cycle thru running desktop apps

winlogo +U Ease of Access Center

winlogo +”PrtScn” captures screen and copies to Screenshots in Pictures Folder and clipboard

There are other shortcuts as well and most of these are functional in other versions of Windows, try tem yourself!

I figured these out by simply using the windows logo and pressing each key on my keyboard. There are many more shortcuts you will find very useful like this, and some keyboard have their own “Programmable” buttons that can be set to do all kinds of things!