QR Codes and NFC Tags

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and anything you or your business can do to make things easier for your customers, will make it much more likely that they will take advantage. Some examples of great uses are, your contact details to be added to their address book, maybe a link to your online store, or how about a YouTube video showing off a product or service? You are also providing a valuable and useful service for your customers. For example, when you make it push button easy for your business contact details to be instantly added to their address books, it now becomes easier for them to contact you, get directions and reminders of their appointments, visit your website, and the list goes on!

The automation you can provide will become more apparent as you start using them. There are hundreds of really amazing things you can do with these, even if it is just to make something automated for yourself at home.

Most everyone knows about QR codes these days, but NFC tags might be a new concept for some. If you need any help in implementing these for your own uses, just shoot me an email at [email protected] or scan the code to visit my website.