The newest iPhone’s have just been released, and the newest Samsung and Google devices have been announced. I originally wrote this article in 2014, but I think the same philosophy applies today, and have re-published this to help people decide which phone is best for them.

I don’t know how or why everyone started acting like kindergarten children when it comes to the technology we use and bragging about how their device, is so much better than your device, but no doubt, you have gotten into one of these discussions yourself, and may even be confused about which phone you should buy?

You also need to be careful about taking someone’s advice or “opinion” on what you should get because let’s face it, opinions are like, You-Know-What… and everybody has one. The problem I have seen is that their needs, or situation, might be different from yours, and these devices have become so “personal”, that you really need to take your own needs into account when deciding.

I normally would not even bother giving my opinion, because mine is not necessarily any better than anyone else’s, but I get asked so many times, almost daily, about which one is better, So here goes.

While my preference is usually with the Apple devices because I have other IOS and Mac products, I have asked a lot of people about their devices, and rarely have I had anyone say it was a bad experience, and the reality is, you will probably love any of the current offerings out there. The most common feedback from people who buy other devices, like Samsung is, that they can do things you cannot do with an IOS device. This can be technically true, but I have interviewed hundreds of users, and rarely have I seen a useful example, for the average user, of when this is true. Most people I have interviewed, that like the ability to customize or “tweak” their devices, are usually more technically inclined too, and average users are usually more concerned with the whole user experience, and again, everyone I have interviewed, has provided feedback that they love their device, no matter which one they had.

I do a lot of support work about not only mobile devices, but also desktops, laptops, and many other technologies, and one important thing not always discussed is the “entire” user experience. What I mean by this is, if you have other Apple products, an iPhone might be the best choice for you, whereas, if you are entrenched in the Windows world, maybe a Windows phone would be a better choice? Without going into too much detail about this one, let me just say that feedback from users has been more positive from the Apple world, than with some of the others. Does that make any of the others bad, absolutely not! It really depends on your own needs. Very rarely do I talk to anyone who does not use either an iPhone or a Samsung, these are without question, the 2 most popular.

That being said, here is what I own. The iPhone XS Max 256GB. I usually always find a reason I want the newest, which is the iPhone XS Max, as of this posting. iPhone, iPad, iMac, IBROKE!

Top 3 smartphones

Google Pixel

With the millions of apps available, I have found I can carry out anything I could ever want to do, and creative ways of using these devices, are being discovered daily.

Interested in learning more about how to use your current IOS device? Or maybe not sure if you need one? For those of you that live near Minden or Gardnerville area, I will be giving a class at the community center. More classes and subjects will be offered in the future as well.