With the speed of everything on the internet these days, everyone seems to want to just "Flick the switch" and get online. Well, I have learned over the years that there is much more to consider, if you are really going to be successful with your online campaigns. This information is designed not to overwhelm and confuse you, but educate and prepare you to not set yourself up for failure. If you find this all confusing or just too much, I have put together a list I like to call "Baby Steps to getting online"
How to get found online explained from a kids point of view
In this example we are going to talk about getting online for someone who sells only 1 thing, wiggly worms.
If we were really dealing with a 4 year old, every one of these would be followed by “WHY” or “HOW”, for this example we are going to not answer those here.
“Hi, my name is Tiffany and I sell wiggly worms”
“You can find me at www.wigglyworms.com"
Create a web-page about wiggly worms and your web pages must talk about wiggly worms.
Talk about the fact that you sell wiggly worms in places like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.
“Hi YouTube! We make wiggly worms, see how we do it, check out or website at www.wigglyworms.com
The more other places that have links that point back to your website talking about how you sell wiggly worms the better.
your business should be listed in as many online directories as possible
“You want as many people talking about what you do and how to find you as possible”
That's really it!

While this is greatly simplified, it really is that easy to get started. Sometimes people can get bogged down with information overload and not do anything at all, which is the worst thing you can do.