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There are so many cool ways you can have your blog posts displayed on your website, even if you don’t run a “Blog” it is still a cool and very useful way to put content on your site. This is just one of the thousands of examples.

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Spams and Scams

There are a lot of scams and spam messages that we all probably get everyday. I posted about 1 common scam here. This is the best way I have ever seen anyone describe how to deal with those spam emails! https://youtu.be/_QdPW8JrYzQ  

Which Phone Should You Buy?

The newest iPhone's have just been released as of September 2015, and the newest Samsung device has been announced. I originally wrote this article in 2014, but I think the same philosophy applies today, and have re-published this to help people decide which phone is...

Video Intros

I create a lot of videos, and I cannot believe how good this app is for my iPhone, for creating really cool and professional looking intros. It called Intro Mate, a yes I used it to create this one! https://youtu.be/M9hcrlZlxME

Windows 10 Shortcuts

Windows 10 essential PC shortcuts. Believe it or not, the most useful one is by simply "Right Clicking" on the Windows Logo or "Start" button which will show a comprehensive list of useful shortcuts - Read On For More... Just the basics * Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C...

Measure Map

Measure Map lets you make measurements right on top of Google and Apple maps. Lots of potential uses for this, or just for fun. https://youtu.be/2weNI_ZWgGQ

Flic Smartbutton

The Flic Smartbutton is a device that's lets you control all kinds of features and apps on your device, just by pressing the button. https://youtu.be/MDsjBh2xOgQ Just a few ideas of what you could do with it. Control your lights Play music Take picture Timer Send...

Touch Pico

Touch Pico, now known as TouchJet Pond, makes a "Pico" or "Portable" projector. What makes this one different than the myriad of other choices out there is that it can turn any projected images or surface into a touchscreen. Another difference is the ability to load...

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