This tutorial is going to cover a few simple things you can do to improve your search results and save you a ton of time. Not learning to search the Internet effectively, is like going to a library and having no idea of how to find a book by using the indexing system, and instead just wandering around looking for books.

Now, I am not going to cover all the “special” searches you can do because it would just be too overwhelming, and there are plenty of resources including Google’s own section for those of you that are more adventurous.

I would suggest going to the site shown on your screen  Here you can learn more about using Google searches.

If your preference is another search engine, find the tips for using that search tool, and most of what I am talking about still applies. What is a browser? Watch this.

For this demo I am going to use Mozilla Firefox and Google for my test searches.

One other quick tip before I get started is – Get rid of all the browser ad-dons!!! This is covered in my videos above. They are usually not needed and just take up screen real estate.

I get the chance to work with people from all walks of life, and from many skill levels, so I have had a chance to see how people really use the Internet. Now, when it comes to trying to find information, Search Engines work so well that most people will simply type something in their favorite search tool and start scrolling through the results, and never really go beyond that. Surprisingly most people seem to be just fine with this, but I have found by just tweaking a few settings in my searches, I find more accurate results and have less to endlessly scroll through. So you might ask, why bother putting this tutorial together if this works for people? To answer this it might help remind you of just how much information you have at your fingertips.

At last count there were probably over 60 Trillion web pages being indexed by Google and that number will grow significantly before we even finish this sentence.

Simply put, computer logic is sifting through these sites and pages and making decisions of what you get back and while this technology has come a long way, it will never be perfect, and you will find it can be very useful to learn a few simple things you can do to significantly improve your search results, and get information that is more relevant to what you want.

For our test, we will do a search for “Carpet Cleaning” and show you a few minor changes you can add that will make an incredible difference. See Video’s above for a walk-thru of this

We will also use the top 2 sites people use to find what they are looking for. Google and YouTube

Smarter Google Searches

Matt Cutts of Google explained over 3 years ago how Google Search works, and it’s still one of the best explanations