Carbon Fiber Monopod


Carbon Fiber Monopod



Rocketfish RF-MONO70C 70 -Inch Carbon Fiber Monopod

The Rocketfish RF-MONO70C monopod provides support for most digital cameras and camcorders weighing up to 20 lbs. The sturdy, lightweight Rocketfish monopod is constructed of high-quality carbon fiber tubes for extra stability. Smaller and lighter than a tripod, a monopod is ideal for outdoor photography and places where tripods would be unwieldy or unsafe. A carbon fiber monopod is lighter than its aluminum counterparts and perfect for travel. The extra support provided by the Rocketfish RF-MONO70C 70-inch carbon fiber monopod allows photographers to use slower shutter speeds, especially in low light. The monopod’s locking ball head allows panning; the ball socket head design gives full tilt and rotation. When the photography session is over, or a different camera is needed, the camera or camcorder can be easily removed from the quick-release plate. The Rocketfish monopod can be quickly adjusted and extends up to 70-inches, for precise photography or filming when sitting or standing. The high grip rubber feet provide additional stability. The Rocketfish RF-MONO70C monopod folds down to 22.8 inches and weighs just 1.82-lbs. It can be stowed in a suitcase, or in the included carrying case, for travel.


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