Marketing Ideas

Without going into all the crazy details below and elsewhere on this website, look at it this way.

Your website is now the front door to your business. You have mere seconds to grab some bodies attention and give them a reason to pick you to do business with.

The top 2 things you have to do without question is

  1. Website design following good SEO practices and keywords that will be used as part of your AdWords campaign to help searchers find you.
  2. Create content, especially videos explaining your product or service and post to sites like YouTube.

I don’t want to confuse you with information overload so keep this in mind when looking through this section! I will add to this list constantly and when I am talking with you about your own business ideas I may send you to links contained here for ideas and inspiration!

  • Implement a Google AdWords Campaign
  • Create a mobile version of your website.
  • Gather email address thru various methods and use a Mail List Management system to market to that list.
  • Use Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter – Just look at this as the new way to spread word of mouth advertising.
  • Create Videos on products or how to and these are also very useful ways to show testimonials from satisfied customers. Video can be hosted on your website and places like YouTube, Vimeo and others.
  • Write and post articles about your expertise and post to as many places as possible.
  • Follow good SEO practices.
  • Make it easy for customers to buy your services or products online and give them a compelling reason to do so.
  • Use onsite and offsite methods of marketing like coupons/specials
  • Utilize CraigsList and mobile devices to “push” your offers to customers
  • At a minimum use Google AdWords to help searches find your site.

If you find all this confusing or feel like it is a waste of time you can be sure your competitors will be doing everything they can to be on top!

Other Ideas for Promoting

Writes lots of content or pages on your website that support your products or services and make sure that it matches up with your keywords. Briefly put yourself in your customers shoes and pretend you are at home and looking for your service on a site like Google. The keywords you should pick are what you think an average person is going to type into their browser to find you.

Write many articles or pages. If you create a page about widgets make sure your content on that page talks about widgets and you should never copy content from the internet because Google and others will lower your ranking. Believe it or not the computers behind the scenes are real smart and know even if its a picture!

Start building “Link Relationships” with other people who offer products that are supportive of your services. It goes like this, if you sell widgets and another company sells widget holders, you would contact them and they would include a link to your website, and you would in turn put their link on yours. The more of these the better.

Obviously there are hundreds of additional ways to promote yourself but these should be a good start.

Article Video Robot

One of the best ways you can promote yourself is by using YouTube and other videos but I see people struggle with creating these videos.

I have found a product which is the easiest way for you to create a professional looking video that can then be posted on YouTube, Facebook, etc., and embedded in your website.  All that is required for these amazing videos is a text file and for my test i just used text that was already on my website to create something like this.