What can I do with an IOS device?

Act as a remote for photography, presentations, control of other devices Watch TV, Movies, YouTube Videos Amazing Photography apps Skype Apps in the App store for your passion and utilities galore Gaming Platform Shopping Apps Education Finance Music and Radio Social...

What you need to get online

With the speed of everything on the internet these days, everyone seems to want to just "Flick the switch" and get online. Well, I have learned over the years that there is much more to consider, if you are really going to be successful with your online campaigns....

Why you should have a website?

If you do a Google Search for "why do you need a website" as of today it returned About 3,880,000,000 results - OMG! If you have any kind of product or service, the answer is probably yes so we will waste no time on this one. Because the internet is so incredibly...

Dead Sites Tell No Tales

Sometimes you need to create new content or else why would your visitors want or need to come back to your site? Dead Sites Tell No Tales Remember mateys, "Dead Sites Tell No Tales!"

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