Possible End to Quarantine?








Cabin Fever

That’s what we used to call it growing up in Lake Tahoe when snowstorms would require you to stay home.

Now with all the quarantines, the whole world is experiencing this, some for the first time.

With technology and especially the internet, we now have some cool new ways to help entertain, educate and just occupy our time, and I have just a couple of suggestions to get you started.

1. Google Street View – This is a great way to see virtually anywhere in the world, and now, the Moon, Mars, and under the Ocean. Not only is this useful now but a very valuable way for you to learn to plan trips.

2. Webcams and “Virtual Tours” There are more and more webcams being installed all around the world, and you can use them to see what is going on somewhere, or just use them to do a “Virtual Tour” For example, here are a couple of great ones to check out!

Don’t forget about all the cool “Facetime” type apps and group chat tools that let you visit your family and see their mugs too! 

Earthcam is one of my favorite networks of cameras, and I doubt if you would ever run out of places to virtually visit!