What can I do with an IOS device?

  • Act as a remote for photography, presentations, control of other devices
  • Watch TV, Movies, YouTube Videos
  • Amazing Photography apps
  • Skype
  • Apps in the App store for your passion and utilities galore
  • Gaming Platform
  • Shopping Apps
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Music and Radio
  • Social Networking
  • Book Reader
  • Mapping
  • Time and project management
  • Travel
  • Use speech tech
  • Voice to text – Siri, dictation, recordings & Others
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Location reminders
  • Mapping
  • Multi Gestures
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Presentations
  • Screenshot
  • Millions of Apps make it do just about anything
  • Entertaining yourself
  1. Surf the web from your couch, your back yard…or anywhere!
  2. Sync with iTunes media to view and listen to videos, music, and photos while traveling or in a waiting room
  3. Read any newspaper or watch local news from around the world
  4. Stream TV shows or watch a hi-def movie with Hulu or Netflix
  5. Watch a sports game and check scores (including Fantasy Football!)
  6. Subscribe to your favorite magazine and enjoy interactive content—we recommend Wired, Popular Mechanics, or MacLife
  7. Download a book (in most cases, you can download a chapter free to try before you buy)
  8. Be the life of the party with the hilarious app SmackTalk!
  9. Social network with friends and family, and use apps like Flipboard to view content in a “magazine” format
  10. Replace your hard-bound cookbooks with current, up-to-date recipes
  11. Help your kids learn with educational games like the Starwalk app—locate planets and constellations right there in the sky
  12. Use your iPad as a universal remote
  13. Track your health and lose weight with free apps like Lose It!
  14. Read comics—we think the Marvel app rocks
  15. Tune a guitar with the Guitar Tuner i3F HD app
  16. Scan the earth with GoogleEarth—find your house or travel to the Eiffel Tower
  17. Manage shopping lists, to-do lists or notes for classes you’re taking
    Enhancing your business productivity
  18. Manage your email accounts, both business and personal
  19. Manage your contacts
  20. Create, edit, and share spreadsheets
  21. Create charts and display Excel docs in a dynamic way with Roambi
  22. Create, edit, and share Word documents with the Pages app
  23. Create, edit, and share PPT presentations with the Keynote app
  24. Convert voice dictation to text with Dragon Dictation
  25. Sketch, save, and share ideas on a virtual whiteboard with apps like MujiNote Notebook
  26. Easily share ideas in a meeting—pass around or project
  27. Check your Google Analytics
  28. Use as a wireless router to share with other Wi-Fi devices
  29. Send your “tweets” out with the Twitter app
  30. Build and sort a database
  31. Manage to-do lists and sync them with other devices
  32. Build a remote desktop
  33. Remotely connect to other computers for real-time collaboration
  34. Enjoy the flexibility of a secondary display screen that stretches, zooms, copies, and pastes with the touch of a fingertip
  35. Use as a mobile mouse and keyboard for other computers with apps like Mobile Mouse Pro
  36. Use the free app Dropbox to store and access files in the cloud, and easily transfer files from your PC to your iPad
  37. Learn a new language or translate on the fly with dozens of different translation apps—just type “translation” into the App Store search
  38. Capture prospect data and enter into a customer relationship management (CRM) system at trade shows
  39. Give one-on-one demonstrations at trade shows or meetings
  40. Create a one-stop repository of sales collateral materials; place all your PDFs in the existing Library feature
  41. Conduct sales training via interactive widgets or applications, utilizing a library of podcasts, videos, slide presentations, PDFs, and web pages
  42. Give product demonstrations via interactive widgets or applications
  43. Build business relationships with social networking apps like iPad LinkedIn
  44. Access web-based CRM tools like the Mobile CRM app, which accesses Microsoft Dynamics CRM data
  45. Check online dashboards and analytics
  46. Instantly share a presentation at an intimate client meeting or lunch—online or offline
  47. Attend meetings anytime, anywhere via WebEx
  48. Know any holiday worldwide with the World Holiday List app
  49. Share e-learning games or YouTube videos with sales teams or customers

What you need to get online

With the speed of everything on the internet these days, everyone seems to want to just "Flick the switch" and get online. Well, I have learned over the years that there is much more to consider, if you are really going to be successful with your online campaigns. This information is designed not to overwhelm and confuse you, but educate and prepare you to not set yourself up for failure. If you find this all confusing or just too much, I have put together a list I like to call "Baby Steps to getting online"
How to get found online explained from a kids point of view
In this example we are going to talk about getting online for someone who sells only 1 thing, wiggly worms.
If we were really dealing with a 4 year old, every one of these would be followed by “WHY” or “HOW”, for this example we are going to not answer those here.
“Hi, my name is Tiffany and I sell wiggly worms”
“You can find me at www.wigglyworms.com"
Create a web-page about wiggly worms and your web pages must talk about wiggly worms.
Talk about the fact that you sell wiggly worms in places like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.
“Hi YouTube! We make wiggly worms, see how we do it, check out or website at www.wigglyworms.com
The more other places that have links that point back to your website talking about how you sell wiggly worms the better.
your business should be listed in as many online directories as possible
“You want as many people talking about what you do and how to find you as possible”
That's really it!

While this is greatly simplified, it really is that easy to get started. Sometimes people can get bogged down with information overload and not do anything at all, which is the worst thing you can do.

Why you should have a website?

If you do a Google Search for “why do you need a website” as of today it returned About 3,880,000,000 results – OMG!

If you have any kind of product or service, the answer is probably yes so we will waste no time on this one.

Because the internet is so incredibly powerful and unlimited as to what you have available to you it can be information overload.

The best quote I ever read, that makes this point perfectly is, “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant” a quote by Mitchell Kapor.

The typical scenario when someone is trying to make the transition to going online, is they research it to death, and get so much information they can’t move forward.

Here is the best thing you can do to get started.

The only thing you need to do immediately is decide what you want to call yourself online like www.paintbrushes.com. Once you find a domain that is available, purchase it immediately! If you change your mind, or come up with something better later, fine! You can have as many of these as you want all pointing to the same site. Also, no matter what else you do, this will be the foundation of everything else you will need, and it does not matter if you do the work yourself or hire someone.

One place I use for this is Godaddy, because they are usually the cheapest, and I like their tech support, but use anybody you want, it does not matter!

If you are not sure what you would need or do with a website, here are a few things to consider.

Its the most affordable way for you to tell people who you are and what you do.

Its where people will be looking for your product or service.

Its the best place for you to answer your customers or visitors most frequently asked questions.

And finally, you can be sure if you have any competition, they will have a website!

Don’t Fall for These Scams

Don’t Fall for These Scams

There are a number of variations of this scam around the internet, but the symptoms are very common, and here is just one example. This example happened in Google Chrome, on a PC, I have not tested on the MAC yet, but have had similar situations on my MAC.

You type into your browser to go to YouTube but accidentally type the address incorrectly, say “YouTuber”, in this example.

Next thing you know, a Pop Up or “PUP” (Potentially Unwanted Program”) comes on the screen and says your computer has been infected. See the following message and screenshot.


Your computer with the IP address (an IP address will show here) has been infected by the Virus RDN/Yahlover.worm!055BCCAC9FEC-Your information (for example, passwords, messages, and credit cards) have been stolen. Call the Technical Support number below to protect your files and identity from further damage.

It even locks you onto the page, with seemingly no way to get out of the browser, and for a lot of users, this only reinforces, that the message must indeed be legitimate.

I have heard they will ask you to pay an amount, say somewhere between $30 – $150, to fix your computer, usually by someone pretty rude!

I was going to actually call the number listed, in this case 1-888-373-0151, and record the actual phone call, but trust me, this is a scam and there are many variations of it!

I recommend if this happens to you, launch task manager and “End Task” on your browser to force it closed, or if on a MAC OS “Force Quit” your browser.

I personally clear my browser cache, and immediately run something like Malwarebytes scanner, just to be sure.

One other thing worth mentioning, I always recommend to people, to use a password manager, to store your usernames, passwords, etc. This is just one more reason to use one. Don’t store your password or login information in your browser, that’s one potential place they are probably trying to steal it from.

All of us get emails daily, trying to steal something. Personally, it has never been a big deal because it is so obvious, but I have heard a number of people fall for these, and obviously they work because these lazy thieves are not even trying very hard. They just send out millions of these, and just by sheer numbers, they are successful.

Just take a second to look at any of the emails, especially the newest ones about “Congratulations., you have been selected” or something to that effect.

#1 The email address doe does not match who it says email is coming from or is from some other country.

#2 Bad spelling and use of case and intentional misspelling of things.

#3 As you can see, my own email system blocks links and images. Your email system may not, and you just have to beware that these are the dangerous ones, you do not want to click on.