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In Your Own Tiffen Allegro Bus. A 45 Foot luxury home on wheels!

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45 Foot of Pure Luxury!

This is an estmate. I am waiting to get confirmation from my Aunt on final price.

VIN# 5VBBAK7A9LA119932

Contact Victoria at +1 (775) 846-2954


There were about 9 or 10 thousand dollars in upgrades that were installed that may not show in the brochure, like 6 Lithium Batteries and Solar for off-grid power with a lifetime warranty!

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This will be where I will post all the details on the Motorhome.

My Aunt needs to sell her RV including the tow rig at “A HUGE DISCOUNT” She lost her spouse and has terrible vision, and is not able to take it on any more trips.

The RV was stored in a heated, garaged environment and only has about 15K miles on it!

It is currently stored at her daughter’s house just outside of Reno, NV and because it will get dirty there she said she will include a full detail as part of the sale.

This will be a very nice deal for someone who needs the whole package for an RV with a vehicle that is designed for off-grid or boondocking, or the luxury RV parks around the country.

Where will you go?